How to Market My Boutique

While the retail market can be very competitive, some people choose to pursue their dreams of owning a boutique. Trends change quickly, and customers can be fickle. While product selection and store location are important, you’ll need an effective marketing plan to attract and retain customers. If you already own one of these types of small businesses or plan on opening one, there are many types of activities and marketing materials to choose from to have a successful, lucrative boutique.

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    Partner with other local small businesses to promote your boutique. Choose a business that has the same type of clientele as your business. For example, if you sell active wear or sports clothing and shoes, talk to the local gym owner about forming a partnership. If you cater to the middle-aged woman, consider partnering with local beauty salons.

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    Display eye-catching signs in your boutique window to attract passing customers. Use bright colors and an easy-to-read typeface, such as bright pink posters with black Helvetica wording. The signs should promote some type of sale or offer.

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    Plan a grand opening or a grand reopening to build buzz for your boutique. Write and submit a press release to your local newspaper to promote the event for free. Work out a deal with a local restaurant or bar to cater the event or hire a local musician or band to perform at it.

  4. 4.

    Offer promotions or sales to attract new customers. Some common examples of these types of promotions include buy one, get one free, or buy one, get the second one at half off. Send out coupons to prospective or past customers.

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    Hire a color consultant or stylist for your event, and promote this special service. Potential clients will want to take advantage of an expert’s opinion and come in to your store for this type of promotion. Promote the event as a free wardrobe makeover, and ask customers to bring in their favorite piece of clothing or accessory to build an outfit around.

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    Choose strategic boutique ad placements. Rather than wasting advertising dollars on ads in the general newspaper, look for ad space in publications that appeal to your target audience. For example, if you have a baby clothes boutique, place ads in the local parenting magazine.