How to Market a Fast-Food Restaurant

A fast-food restaurant relies on a high volume of repeat business. To effectively market such a business requires quick delivery of a competitively priced product and the ability to serve customers in a timely and friendly manner. If your fast-food business is part of a franchise, you should be able to take advantage of group or co-op advertising to market your restaurant.

Good Signage

  1. Good signage is important to marketing a fast-food restaurant. Consider billboard advertising or signs near off-ramps or busy roadways. This catches customer traffic at convenient places, such as when they’re pulling off for gas or driving to or from work or school. Also consider signage near locations such as schools, office complexes and entertainment venues such as parks, recreation centers and swimming pools that will attract a young demographic.

Specials and Coupons

  1. Offer discounts and specials in the form of coupons on receipts to entice repeat business. Two-for-one specials or special pricing during slow times of day can be advertised on to-go bags and boxes and in colorful window signs. Take advantage of social media and mobile apps to send promos codes and discounts to customers who sign up for your service or who search online for discounts to area fast food restaurants.

Community Initiatives

  1. Get involved with the community and promote your fast-food business through give-back initiatives. For example, get a booth at a back-to-school fair, sponsor a local sports team and put your logo on team uniforms or partner with a local school to provide healthy lunches for students participating in after-school programs or activities. This helps get customers familiar with your product or service and provides positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Company Representative

  1. Get a local celebrity or well-known personality to endorse your fast-food restaurant. Hold meet-and-greet events to get people in through your doors for pictures and autographs. Incorporate the spokesperson into your print and broadcast advertising. As an alternative, introduce a fast-food mascot that can help you brand your business and set you apart in the minds of consumers.

Traditional Venues

  1. If your budget permits, advertise your fast-food restaurant on local television stations during programming slots that reach your target demographic. Run ads in local newspapers or in coupon flier booklets. Host contests on your website as a way to engage customers and keep them coming back. Offer loyalty reward programs such as card punches for free or discounted meals or “extras” to reward repeat business.