Advertising Ideas for Used Clothing Stores

Used clothing stores purchase used clothing in good condition directly from consumers, then resell the clothes at a fraction of their original retail price after cleaning them up. Used clothing stores are recession-proof businesses with a low cost of inventory and a steady stream of suppliers willing to negotiate on prices. Local advertising techniques can be effective for brick-and-mortar used clothing retailers, helping them to gain a steady foothold in the local market and spread the word about their store.

Youth Culture Publications

  1. Used clothing stores are trendy among young people who want a range of fashion options but who do not necessarily have the money to buy new designer styles. This same demographic may read local music-centered magazines, events listing publications and college campus publications, for example. Target any publications that cater to trendy youth with your print ads.

Local Sponsorships

  1. Sponsor local concerts, fashion shows, art shows and other community events to gain exposure to the right audience. Ask event planners to include your company name on their marketing materials, promote your shop publicly at the event or allow you to come and hand out flyers or coupons for your shop. Again, focus on events that younger adults and teens are likely to attend.


  1. Find local art galleries, music stores and other community-focused stores to form advertising partnerships. Agree to give each other references to your own customers, for example, or to display a poster advertisement for each others' business on your premises.

    Consider creating a multi-business promotion to boost traffic to both stores. You may offer someone who spends $50 at your store a gift certificate to a local shoe store, for example, while they do the same for you.

Fashion Shows

  1. Hire models to walk in local fashion shows on your behalf. Dress the models in all used clothing from your store; advertise your store as you describe the ensemble, and include the total cost of the outfit in your description. This can excite local fashion enthusiasts about the idea of creating stunning outfits at a fraction of the usual cost. Take the opportunity to hand out flyers or other promotional materials for your store at the event, as well.


  1. Open a storefront in a high-traffic area and display large signage advertising the fact that you buy and sell used clothing. This can drum up steady business over time, as passersby note your location in their minds, talk about your shop with others and eventually come in to shop or to make a little money.