Department Store Event Ideas

Creating an attention-grabbing event for your department store may help people become familiar with the merchandise you sell. According to the University of Florida, department stores are shifting away from discount sales events. So use an event to help build your brand while providing value to customers and prospective buyers. Use the event to help build relationships with people who attend so they come back to buy more.


  1. The idea of "out with the old" and "in with the new" makes a springtime event a way to appeal to budget shoppers looking for a deal. Springtime events also appeal to buyers interested in the latest trends and offerings. To attract people to your event, decorate your store’s windows and displays with spring colors and imagery that depicts blue skies, flowers and greenery. Advertise clothing, shoes and accessories timed for Easter or Mother’s Day to give buyers a reason to stop and take notice.

Baby Day

  1. Start building customer loyalty by creating an event that appeals to parents with new members of their family. Offer photo booths for taking the baby’s photo at a discounted rate. Advertise and offer discounts in the baby clothes and baby furniture section. Team up with local health organizations to provide baby care demonstrations or question-and-answer sessions. You can also demonstrate how to set up baby furniture. Offer a giveaway basket full of baby goodies, such as diapers, baby food and gifts for the parents, to encourage people to attend the event.

Fashion Night Out

  1. Attract shoppers with a fashion night out geared for female shoppers. Bring in outside representatives to push makeup products, and offer facials and makeovers at the beauty counter. Set up a runway and hold a modeling show featuring local businesswomen wearing business and casual wear. Train your staff to become knowledgeable about accessories you carry -- such as scarves, handbags, shoes and jewelry -- that complement the clothing the models wear, as well as clothing available on the rack.

Garden Party

  1. Hold an event in your parking lot and advertise free hot dogs and burgers. Showcase various barbecue grills and outdoor cooking supplies you sell. Add color to the area with lots of blooming flowers and plants if you sell garden supplies. Bring in gardening experts to answer questions and put on demonstrations. Set out lawn chairs, tables and umbrellas to showcase the yard furniture you sell. Provide entertainment and games to keep kids busy, and offer free babysitting services so parents can shop without hassle.