Promotion Ideas for Golf Retail Sales

Attract amateur and professional golfers to your retail location by coming up with promotions that help them save money on equipment such as golf tees, balls and clubs. You can get creative with your promotions by coming up with ideas that relate to golf, as these are more likely to capture your target market's attention.

Free Personalized Balls

  1. When customers purchase a set of golf clubs from your retail location, give them a set of professional, personalized golf balls as a gift. You can turn the personalized ball into a promotional item by including your company's logo on one side of the balls.

How Many Tees?

  1. Fill a jar with golf tees and place it near your retail store's cash register, along with a box with a slit at the top, blank note cards and pencils. When customers come to the register to make a purchase, have each one fill out a card with a guess as to how many tees are in the jar. Pick a winner each month or week, and give the winner a gift certificate and the jar of golf tees as the prize.

Hole-in-One Savings

  1. Set up a miniature golf area in your retail location. Have each customer who visits your store attempt to hit the ball in the hole. When customers get a hole-in-one, give them 20 percent off their next purchase in your store or on your website.

Win Free Golf Lessons

  1. Use your social media profiles to promote a golf trivia competition. The winner of the competition can get free golf lessons with a professional coach or a professional or semi-professional golfer. Ask questions about past national golf tournaments, the history of the sport, golf supplies or brands of golf supplies and equipment.

Golfer's Night Out

  1. Most retail stores collect the email addresses of their most loyal customers so that they can contact them with news and special offers and inform them of upcoming events. If you operate a brick-and-mortar location that offers golf supplies and equipment, you can host a "Golfer's Night Out" happy hour or networking event. Invite your customers to attend this in-store event and bring a friend, so they can learn about any new brands you are selling and browse your merchandise.