Five-Year Anniversary Business Promotion Ideas

Celebrating the five-year anniversary of your business is a good way to gain recognition and show appreciation for your customers. An anniversary can be a good time to launch a new advertising campaign, including promotions to make existing relationships stronger and form new ones. Take advantage of the opportunity to run a special sale, give away a promotional item or conduct a product demonstration to celebrate.

Celebrate with Fives

  1. For your five-year anniversary, you can accentuate the number "5" in your promotions. You may have special pricing by offering five items for $1 or one item for $5. You can give away five coupons for a percentage off a purchase to each customer or offer a printed card good for a discount for five months. If you advertise online, you can offer free shipping for five months or for a purchase of five or more items.

Direct Mail for Symbolic Promotional Items

  1. Traditionally, anniversaries are associated with specific materials. A first anniversary is celebrated with gifts of paper, a 25th anniversary is celebrated with silver and gold is given for a 50th anniversary. For a fifth anniversary, wood is the traditional gift item. To celebrate a fifth anniversary for a business, you can send out a direct-mail postcard inviting customers to exchange the card for a gift made of wood, like a wooden gift box, a cutting board or a wall clock. Of course, if you have budget restrictions, you can always go with a less-expensive item like a wood pen or pencil bearing your business's name.

Advertising for Innovative Promotional Items

  1. Giving away a promotional item that people will actually use can keep your company name in front of the consumer. One idea is to create an advertisement announcing a giveaway of a flash drive, which stores information and transfers data from one computer to another. You can order a flash drive in the shape and colors of your logo with your company name imprinted on it. Before giving away the flash drive, you can load it with information about your company in the form of texts or video. You may want to include product information, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video of a factory or storefront tour.

Posters for On-Site Celebrations

  1. Another way to celebrate your five-year anniversary is to announce an anniversary party at your place of business. Lure customers to your place of business by putting up large-format posters inviting them to a tour, demonstration, sale or new-product introduction. Once the customers arrive, you might serve refreshments, hold raffles and offer promotions like BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free).