Does the iPad Support Bluetooth Internet Sharing?

The iPad includes all the hardware and software tools needed to share wireless Internet with other devices over a Bluetooth connection. With Bluetooth 2.1 and Enhanced Data Rate technology, the iPad can transfer data to paired devices at up to 3 Mbps, which is considerably slower than the 600 Mbps transfer rate theoretically possible with Wi-Fi. The iPad's Personal Hotspot feature only supports sharing cellular data, not Wi-Fi Internet.

Setting Up a Personal Hotspot

  1. Contact your cellular service provider to ensure that your plan includes a personal hotspot option. To enable your iPad's hotspot, tap “Settings,” choose “Cellular” and select “Personal Hotspot.” Secure the connection by tapping “Wi-Fi Password” and entering a password. By default, the connection is unprotected, so anyone can join your network once you enable the hotspot. Your shared network's name is iPad, although you do not need this name to share your connection via Bluetooth.

Pairing With a Computer

  1. On your iPad, tap “Settings,” choose “Bluetooth” and ensure that your iPad is discoverable. On a Windows PC, point the cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen, click “Settings” and select “Change PC Settings.” Click “Devices” and choose “Add a Device.” Select your iPad from the list of devices and enter the pairing code displayed on your PC into the text field on your iPad. Your shared connection immediately becomes available to your computer, and the number of connected devices is displayed in your iPad's notification panel.