Ideas for Clothing Sales

While the retail clothing business remains competitive, successful retailers find ways to raise sales. Special promotions and advertising campaigns draw customers into the store; this is the time to maximize opportunities with ideas that encourage non-sale items purchases. With a little imagination, there is a never-ending supply of clothing-sale ideas.

Zipper Sale

  1. Tell your customers that if it has a zipper, it is on sale. This can make customer's imaginations run wild as they contemplate the tops, skirts and jackets they could buy on sale. Offer a percentage discount store-wide in zippered items. Determine a discount amount that will still leave you a profit, such as 10 percent. You can make up for the fact that you make less money per sale by increasing the number of sales with your promotion. Check to make sure you don't have any zippered items you are already selling at too low a price to discount, and pull these items off the floor before the sale.

Fashion Show

  1. Host a fashion show on your premises featuring items you put on sale. You can team up with a local modeling agency, a photographer and musicians to provide background music while the models walk the catwalk. These professionals may donate their services to get more exposure for their businesses. You can offer sale prices that are good the day of the show only, in order to give customers a sense of urgency about their buying decisions.

Accessories Sale

  1. You can put handbags, scarves and other accessories on sale. Tie the discount to the purchase of a clothing item. Example: 10 percent off any accessory when you purchase a dress. This can boost clothing sales while making room for next year's accessories.

Birthday Discounts

  1. Offering a birthday discount can create a year-long sale. Simply offer a percentage discount to anyone who comes in on their birthday (with identification as proof). This can get new customers into your store for their special day. Once they become familiar with the clothes you carry, they may come back for more. Ask customers making purchases to fill out a card giving the date of their birth (don't ask for the year) and email address. You can email customers a week before their birthdays announcing the special 10 percent discount.