Google Maps Is Zooming Out When Clicking on a Target

The online Google Maps service gives you a bird’s eye view of the Earth’s surface with detailed maps, satellite imagery and a hybrid view that combines the two. One way to navigate around Google Maps is to locate a target on the map and zoom in and out by double-clicking your computer mouse or laptop touchpad buttons. To zoom in rather than zoom out, ensure you click the correct button.

Manipulating Google Maps

  1. Google Maps is an interactive online tool that allows users to control the map display on a Web browser’s screen. The tool offers on-screen controls for panning left and right on a map, changing the angle of view and zooming in or out. In addition to the on-screen console, Google Maps also lets you manipulate the map view with the keys on your computer keyboard, or by dragging your mouse and clicking the mouse buttons.

Mouse Click Zoom Control

  1. Single-clicking on a Google Map selects the target area that you can then enlarge by zooming in or decrease in size by zooming out. To zoom in, always double-left click to zoom in and double-right click to zoom out. If you press the wrong mouse or touchpad button, you’ll zoom the wrong way. Correct this problem by zooming back in with the double left-click control.

On-Screen Controls

  1. If your mouse button’s sticky or unresponsive, you might find clicking the mouse buttons to control the map zoom level inconvenient or difficult. One alternative to double-click zooming in Google Maps is to use the on-screen graphical user interface controls. Change the zoom level with the slider control on the left-hand side of the Google Maps viewing screen, or single-click the “+” or “-“buttons at either end of the slider control to change the zoom level.

Keyboard Controls

  1. Another alternative to control the zoom level on Google Maps is to use your computer’s keyboard keys. Use the “Page Up” and “Page Down” to pan over the map view pane. When you’ve found a map location that you want to view in more detail, press the “+” key to increase the zoom level. You can then press the “-“key to decrease the zoom level so that you can easily move to another part of the map.