Examples of Performance Appraisals of a Team Leader

Performance appraisals are an integral part of employee engagement. They help your staff understand how their work is evaluated, where they excel, and what areas need improvement. This type of feedback is crucial for all employees, from junior-level associates to senior management. It's important to provide team leaders with an appraisal of their leadership skills, coaching and mentorship abilities, and several other elements.

Performance Review for Leadership

As a team leader, your employee is responsible for directly overseeing a group of junior employees. Successful managers need to have strong leadership skills, which help them influence their staff to reach their goals, according to Dummies.com. An effective team leader inspires and motivates the staff and guides them to meet the company's targets. If the leader does not communicate the vision to the team clearly or offer encouragement, the company may suffer.

Praise your team manager’s leadership skills by clearly identifying areas in which they excel, such as if they are good at developing a team-oriented environment.


Jane fosters a sense of teamwork with her staff by having weekly all-hands meetings, doing trust exercises, and ensuring each employee is aware of their colleagues' roles and responsibilities.

Note areas where the team leader could use some help, such as decision-making, and be clear about how to do that.


Nat often acts on impulse instead of looking at the data. This can sometimes lead to poor decision-making, which is an important quality in a leader. Next quarter, Nat should focus more on using analytics to guide his decisions.

Coaching and Mentoring Feedback

For many team leaders, part of their job description includes coaching, training and mentoring junior-level employees. According to the job site Indeed, this is the process of closing the knowledge gap. Team leaders identify the skills of each employee and then figure out a plan to help them advance in their careers.

Evaluate your team leader's coaching and mentoring skills by using specific situations in the senior management performance appraisal examples.


Charlie is an excellent mentor for Dana. He has helped her learn how to deal with difficult customers. Now, Dana is on her way to taking on more responsibility thanks to Charlie's coaching.

When pointing out areas that need improvement, be sure to specify what has not worked.


Leslie has implemented a training program for the team. However, they have difficulty following her materials, and she is unable to explain the lessons using everyday examples.

Evaluating Other Qualities of a Team Leader

Communication is another quality that effective team leaders need. Dealing with staff, managers, other departments and customers requires strong oral and written communication skills. Follow these team leader feedback examples for communication.


Sarah clearly shares her thoughts during meetings.

Sarah is able to communicate complex information in easy-to-understand phrases.

Accountability is another critical element for team leaders to master. Not only do they need to be responsible for their own actions, as a leader, they are also responsible for the actions of their staff.


Ace accepts when he or his team have made an error, and always provides a solution to correct the situation.

Karen needs to improve her ability to take ownership of her and her team's work. It’s important to accept responsibility, whether the situation is positive or negative.

When it comes to the overall quality of the team leader's work, be sure to use specific metrics within your performance appraisal. The performance of the team leader will be evident in the performance of their entire team. As a result, the overall performance review phrases can include data from the entire team or department.


Mark's department improved profitability by 9 percent this quarter. This is a testament to his leadership and guidance.