How to Attract Fresh New Talent for Your Company

Finding people who are willing to work for your company isn’t difficult. Finding people who will make your company better is. Fresh talent boosts your company’s productivity, invigorates your workforce and helps your company accomplish its goals. Attracting that kind of talent requires you to focus on your current company atmosphere, review how well you’re managing your employees and make an organized effort to bring in talented employees.

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    Cultivate an environment that caters to employees and empowers them. Talented workers look for companies that help employees succeed and understand that employees are the core of the company. Ensure that your current employees are happy and confident and that workplace conditions do not prevent your employees from reaching new levels. A manager who destructively criticizes your employees, for example, causes employees to dislike their jobs and to show reluctance to improve.

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    Build your company’s reputation. Even if people have a positive perception of your company, look for ways to improve your image. Talented employees prefer working for a company that’s well-received and positively acknowledged by the business world and the public.

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    Advertise for new employees by providing potential candidates with all necessary information. Clearly explain what each position requires. Convey your expectations for each position. Do not cause potential candidates to question what you expect them to do if hired. Talented individuals want to know the ins and outs of a position before they apply.

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    Find candidates by posting on job boards, social networks, your company's webpage and through your current employees. "The Wall Street Journal" suggests offering incentives for each candidate an employee refers.

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    Organize the hiring process. Talk to each candidate you’re interested in, and tell him what he can expect. For example, if you conduct two interviews and a series of tests prior to hiring, explain that. Don’t leave candidates in the dark.

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    Offer reasonable salary and benefits. Persuading talented individuals to join your company requires you to pay them an acceptable salary and offer benefits. Pay experienced and talented candidates more than the industry average, if you believe they will make a considerable impact on your company. Kelly Services suggests providing benefits such as time off, flexible schedules and telecommuting.